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Are the work of San Antonio photography company, Scott Photography. So schedule a session with us today. Because Scott Photography is known as one of the best professional headshot companies in San Antonio, TX. And They have been voted as best headshot photography company multiple times by Thumbtack and Expertise. So we offer several pricing options, contact the studio and we will get you set up with a session that’s perfect for you.

What is a headshot?

Headshots are much more than a pretty picture of someone who is standing 5 feet in front of a camera. And they are a representation of who you are. Because it’s much more than just simply taking a snap shot. Because in today’s digital world, your brand is more important than it has ever been. And we work with different people each and every day. And what we’re trying to find out about them, is their story!

What makes them who they are. And what makes them tick? So it doesn’t matter if you are a Fortune 500 hundred company, an entrepreneur, an actor/actress, or on a dating site. Because your headshots must convey who you are. And they must accurately represent your brand!

Businesses are made up of hard working people.

And we have learned that people just prefer to do business with other people. But not with just any type of people. But people that they feel they can trust. You are being judged by your online headshots. And if you want to strengthen your brand, invest in the way other people perceive you. After all, perceptions determine realities.

Just take a look at Przemek’s headshots. They came out absolutely fantastic!


headshots san antonio
Headshots San Antonio

This is what Przemek had to say about his session with us.

“Louis is a pro! His studio is very modern and classy. Louis first explained to me how he works and what to expect and I felt immediately at ease. He shot countless photos for my portrait to get the best possible effect. My session was a great experience and I can recommend Louis for photography services.”


His headshots are very unique to his brand. However, this session was a tad bit different. Because he completely entrusted us with his image. And he reached the stage as my headshot mentor Peter Hurley (www.Headshotcrew.com) calls it, “Camera Invisibility.” Because this is the moment when the photographer takes the YOU out of you. And puts it into the camera.

This image of him tells a unique story.

Because it conveys confidence and approach ability. And it makes you wonder what is being said to him on the other side of the camera. So this is what your image should ALWAYS convey, not only through the way it looks. But also in the way it makes you feel afterwards. 

So again, what are great images?

Headshots are a representation of who you are. And what your brand is all about. You need a great image. And fantastic imagery to represent your brand. There is a face behind every large company or brand. And they need to be represented phenomenally well!

If you are looking for the absolute best call us (210) 281-1085.

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