San Antonio Headshot Retouching Sample

Headshot Retouching 101

Retouching is not to make a bad image good, it is to make a good image GREAT!!!

San Antonio Headshot Retouching Sample

Headshot Before

San Antonio Headshot Retouching Sample

Headshot After

About Headshot Retouching

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Headshot retouching helps make you look your best in your photo after it has already been taken. Headshot retouching is used to enhance desired features and lessen or remove unwanted temporary traits to bring out the best natural you. A common misconception is that headshot retouching should be used in order to make a bad headshot good. When the truth is, retouching should be used to make a good headshot great.

No amount of retouching can compensate for a poorly lit, poorly coached, or poorly taken headshot. Headshot retouching should truly focus on simply enhancing the image.

We focus on a few key areas in all headshot retouches:

  • moderate blemish removal,
  • eye and under-eye enhancement
  • line softening
  • skin tone evening
  • teeth whitening
  • color correction and enhancement
  • and minor flyaway taming

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